Hello, my name is Ivan.

I am a graphic designer with a passion for film, photography and street art.

I work with all sorts of people and in all kinds of environments because there's always a good story to be told when interesting people are involved. With so many facets to the world we live in, why would you ever want to restrict yourself? In the words of designer Massimo Vignelli:

"We are against specialization. We think it brings entropy and entropy brings creative death...

Subjects change, materials change, processes change but the creative and investigative mind proceeds relentlessly with its own discipline through all the necessary steps toward the relative solution of the given problems.

I say relative because there is nothing absolute, everything follows your own interpretation of the reality, your own discipline, your own creative force. Time, exposure, focus and determination are the fuel of creatvity."

I am always available to shoot the breeze and talk about ideas for possible projects via email. I love hearing from passionate people, so please give me a shout if together, you think we can make something beautiful.

Although I am based in Oxford, I will travel to wherever needsbe if the opportunity arises.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my work.

(oh go on, say hello)