'Chasing Bones' Plastic Pup

After many years of dreaming, I decided to bring the popular 'Chasing Bones' dog character to life and cast my own designer toy.

...the making of an urban vinyl toy.

The dog wanted that bone, it wanted it more than anything else.
Oblivious to his surroundings, he continued to chase after the bone, pounding the ground with each paw.
Relentless, hungry and hopeful, the dog was happy.

I'm very happy to present the 'Chasing Bones' Plastic Pup, crafted by hand from start to finish, available for preorder. At just under 4" tall, the dog has fancy magnetic feet and a tasty bone swinging on, like, real string! The model is cast from the eighth and final dog in a line of sculpted prototypes. I knew nothing about urban vinyl or mould making when I first started out and so it was a laborious journey to get here.

Each of these pups are cast and painted by hand, produced to the highest of standards and enclosed within a robust display case, which I‘ve also made myself... no unimaginative paperboard boxes here! Although I like to have my plastic pup wander free from the case and sit on the desk, reminding me life is a challenge and you need to keep chasing the things that you're oh so hungry for.

The track is titled 'Coffee Cup', composed by the very excellent Niels Nielsen and you should pay him a visit at www.nielsnielsen.net

The 'Chasing Bones' Plastic Pup is available for preorder at www.pahnl.co.uk/store.php

The package utilizes stainless box sections and 6mm thick panes of acrylic to protect and simultaneously display the dog. Taking inspiration from trophy design, I wanted a classy way to present the dog.

The product information has been hand screen printed onto the stainless steel, rather than the perspex (which would've made my life considerably easier, let me tell you that) because I wanted to give the collector the option of displaying the dog without the perspex. See below.

The threaded rods that hold the entire package together have been sized long enough to still screw into place against the stainless steel box section even without the acrylic panes. This means the holes in the side of the steel can be concealed by the capped nuts and lend the stand a certain ruggedness.