Little Italy Espresso Bar

Spending a day with the baristas at Little Italy Espresso Bar.

Music by Dave Brubeck.


An Oak Pillow

Sleeping like a log.

A collaboration between myself, Juliet Eccles and Andy Chamberlain.

Music by Maxence Cyrin.


Chasing Bones

...the making of an urban vinyl toy.

The dog wanted that bone, it wanted it more than anything else.
Oblivious to his surroundings, he continued to chase after the bone, pounding the ground with each paw.
Relentless, hungry and hopeful, the dog was happy.

I'm very happy to present the 'Chasing Bones' Plastic Pup, crafted by hand from start to finish, available for preorder. At just under 4" tall, the dog has fancy magnetic feet and a tasty bone swinging on, like, real string! The model is cast from the eighth and final dog in a line of sculpted prototypes. I knew nothing about urban vinyl or mould making when I first started out and so it was a laborious journey to get here.

Each of these pups are cast and painted by hand, produced to the highest of standards and enclosed within a robust display case, which I‘ve also made myself... no unimaginative paperboard boxes here! Although I like to have my plastic pup wander free from the case and sit on the desk, reminding me life is a challenge and you need to keep chasing the things that you're oh so hungry for.

The track is titled 'Coffee Cup', composed by the very excellent Niels Nielsen and you should pay him a visit at

The 'Chasing Bones' Plastic Pup is available for preorder at


Aerosol Amoeba

Breathing life into spray paint.

...144 hours of motion condensed down to four minutes.

Music by Kidstreet.


This Is How We Do It

Bruges --> Boulogne-sur-Mer --> Amiens --> Rouen --> Paris

This video is the result of a cycling trip taken with friends, which started in Bruges, Belgium and ended in Paris, France. Apart from the night scenes in Paris, this was exclusively shot with one of those dinky GoPro cameras.

Music by The Go! Team.



Satisfaction in the slow reveal.

A set of idents for a theoretical channel outlined in a brief by Channel 4, targetting the +60 and proposed as "a fresh and innovative 'older' channel that's grown up, challenging and mischievous".

Produced principally by filming ink in water and so, besides the mirroring, there's no CGI trickery.


Nowhere Near Here

If life is a catwalk, run like a dog.

'Nowhere Near Here' is a stop motion animation that uses a combination of light with stencils and long exposure photography to tell the story of a dog running around the city at night, doing whatever a dog does. The animation was first exhibited at the The Herbert, in Coventry, on the 7th October 2010.

With well over 300 hours in the making, more than 200 stencils involved and too many cold nights spent outside on my knees getting the shots, I am very happy (and relieved) to finally share this with you. Through the course of shooting 'Nowhere Near Here', I have dealt with curious drunks, a dog almost peeing on the camera (the irony is not lost on me, haha), the endlessly suspicious police and even someone nearly running off with a tripod.

This is street art, this is life and thank you for watching.

...for those of you that may be interested in prints, a selection of film stills from 'Nowhere Near Here' are currently available at


You Had Me At Balloon

Urban playground installers.

You Had Me At Balloon is a series of installations that a friend and I came up with, chiefly involving balloons.

Through a series of public interventions, varying in scale and approaches, we hope to engage a public consciousness. We would like to get people to look up, to look down, to laugh, to think and just engage with their environment on a new level.

We are not driven by any political, economical or environmental motives, nor are we here to sell anything; our installations simply exist to quietly interrupt your day with thoughtful curiosities.

By making use of low-tech materials like balloons, string telephones or bubble wrap, we can afford to install our ideas without the worry of expense and let people interact however they wish. All balloons are biodegradable.

Music by...
'She Moves She' by Four Tet
'Analoge Worms Attack' by Mr. Oizo
'Unspoken' by Four Tet
'The Limping Song' by The Limp Twins

A dedicated website exists for these works at (where you can also find photos) and we hope to realize more interventions in the future.


Change For Change

Annoyingly loose change for you, grafitfyingly awesome change for others.

Change For Change encourages you to collect your spare change, then donate it to help fund great social causes.


fcuk, Autumn / Winter

For Man, For Woman

Autumn / Winter web banner ads for a competition brief set by french connection.

These two videos could be viewed expanded from web banners, no sound was stipulated in the brief.


In The Details, Paper by GF Smith

Paper from a different perspective

This finally gave me a legitimate reason to use the Glidetrack, which had previously been occupied with pointless dolly shots of cups of tea and the like. The titles and 'wipe' transitions were also filmed in camera for authenticity and composed in post. Lastly, thanks to GF Smith for providing the paper.

Music by The xx.


The Cookbook Channel

Get stuck in.

A set of idents for a theoretical channel aimed at beginner cooks, positioned as a friendly introduction to cooking.

The concept at the heart of the idents is simply the idea that, as a beginner, you both rely on a recipe cook book and tend to make a lot of mistakes. This set of idents plays with that a rather messy way.

Various tracks by Blockhead.


The Black Geese

A wild goose-chase.

Animation based on a Russian fairytale, you can read a translation of it here.

This piece was undertaken to improve my animation skills, hand drawn elements composed and animated digitally. Inspired partly by the original story and partly by the song used in the animation.

'Music by The Red Army Choir


Supercans 2010

Paint, beer, barbecue!

The likes of Snub23, Stickee, FarkFK, Luke Da Duke, Leeks, 20/20, Karl Read, Seb Pape, Elms, Pistol, Lex Luthor, Ian Phenna, Kev Munday and Psychonautes painting at 'The Hobbit Pub' in Southampton.

Music by Jon Kennedy.


Mic Night

Stay in for some stand up.

A set of idents for a theoretical channel that only broadcasts stand up comedy shows. On air from 6pm to 2am, the channel aims to position itself as an alternative to going out to a comedy club or theatre.

Using a mini projector, I brought a small comedian to life in and around a house. The character was realized through rotoscoping source footage of myself 'performing', whilst interacting or being interrupted by the environment.

I decided against making the comedian literally speak because I felt the 'half-mumble' allowed room for interpretation. By and large, the comedian communicates via intonation and body language.


Sub-Urban Secret Jam

One man's wall is another man's canvas.

A paint up from the weekend in Cambridge. LEEKS, d.b, Pahnl, Martin Squires, Snik, Penfold, Dell, Schlomo, Dan Lumbini, Blah, OBE-1, Snub and Kilo appear in this brief video I put together on Saturday.

Music by David Holmes.


NYC Subway Battle

Bringing some of NYC to LDN.

I couldn't make it down to the opening night of the show, which is a shame because hearing from people, it went off big that night. I put together this video of the day after the opening night.

Features work by Meres, Cortes, UR, Zimad and Clue.

Music by Envelope.


Hazardous Warfare

41 artists in one gallery for only three days.

The launch party at Graffik London for the Hazardous Waste show.

Music by Gorillaz and Beastie Boys.



Let's film something.

A succinct edit of my film work from between 2010 and thus far into 2012.

Music by Nina Simone.